High School

High school is a critical time for developing young women who are prepared to lead with confidence, integrity and a desire to serve others.   In fact, our future depends on it...


university boulevard

University Boulevard Leadership Program strives to serve the young women of the Houston area who are seeking to make positive and active choices so as to become leaders of character and confidence.

the art of living

The unique hands-on methodology of this international program gives young women the skills they need to embrace a life of service to others.


Sheridan offers opportunities to care for and accompany those most in need: the sick, the poor, the lonely, etc. 

Creative Cuisine

Counselors help 7th & 8th grade develop basic culinary skills and build character.

Club Counselors

Clubs provide a place where girls and young women
can grow, learn, have fun and develop confidence in their ability to make a
difference in the world.


Study weekends provide a more focused environment in which to  work and study deeply, surrounded by others who are trying to do the same.

Hospitality Internships (TX)

Program attendees work and train under the supervision of hospitality professionals and gain experience in hospitality and home management. Each session is filled with work, professional and cultural classes, sports and fun!


There are many exciting opportunities for leadership and service offered by Opus Dei centers throughout the country. fin


Personal and professional development is complemented and strengthened by spiritual development. 


One-on-one discussions, designed to help students  apply the skills they are learning to their own unique circumstances.

Summer Opportunities Outside of Texas

There are several activities and internships outside of Texas that are worthwhile and endorsed by Sheridan.


INcontro romano

An annual international congress which fosters national research and initiatives. Each year Incontro Romano proposes a general topic, which is then studied and applied by the different participating countries through a broad scope of projects. For 2019, the topic is: The Transformative Power of Work: The Splendor of Everyday Life.