Spiritual Activities


Elementary and Middle School

All Elementary & Middle School programs offer a spiritual component during each meeting.  These may consist in a talk about a virtue, a doctrine class, working side by side with the leaders.  All programs offer one-on-one mentoring to its participants.

High School

As with the middle school programs, all high school activities teach the girls how to integrate their faith into their daily life in a natural way.

To learn more about the specific spiritual programs follow the link below.

Women in College & Graduate School

College women encounter great challenges in living their faith on campus.  Southgate Center, located near Rice University, offers a variety of programs and one-on-one mentoring to college women. 

Married & Professional Women

Sheridan offers an array of programs aimed at helping women strengthen their spiritual life, in the midst of their profesional work and daily life.  Follow the link below to learn about them.