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The content of the Art of Living Program is now being offered within University Boulevard, Unit IV.

The Art of Living is a comprehensive program designed to equip high school girls with skills in culinary art, home health, fashion, and interior design. Through action, philosophical reflection, competitions and projects. The program focuses on developing an eye for the needs of others and discovering the beauty of service. 


The Art of Living meets once a month on a Saturday from 12:30 – 3:30 pm.


Throughout the program the following topics are covered:

Philosophy: the essence of service, the human person, serving with freedom, relationships.

Mentoring: self-knowledge, desire to serve, overcoming difficulties, eye for detail, and discovering the needs of others.

Culinary Art: ethnic cuisine, baking and pastries, knife skills, pasta, rice cookery, and soups.

Home Health: nutrition, healthy environment, first aid, dietary allergies, personal hygiene, rest and sleep habits.

Fashion: design and color theory, culture and history, textiles, laundering, basic clothing repair and sewing.

Interior Design: flower arranging, table decor, color theory, furniture history and organization of space and light. 

the Art of living CONFERENCE IN BOSTON

High School girls from all over the United States and from abroad, gather each year in Boston or Chicago for the The Art of Living Conference, where they engage in competition, hear about different cultures, learn new skills and develop friendships with girls from many different cities and countries.

The conference is open to girls who participate in The Art of Living program in their cities as well as any other girl interested in the event.  The conference consists of seminars on The Art of Living topics as well as competitions which may include:

  • Culinary Mystery Basket

  • Tip Top Table Top

  • Dare to Repair

  • Be Our Guest

  • Skills Gallery

  • Great Cakes

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We are a platform of professionals and students which aims to highlight jobs where the direct care of the person is the principal focus, because they have the transforming power to make the social environment more human.

Incontro creates spaces for reflection and promotes activities which put the person at the centre of focus.

It fosters interdisciplinary research, training with excellence, and international initiatives. With these activities we seek to respond to the urgent challenge of protecting and improving our “shared home”: planet Earth.

An annual international Forum is held in Rome where studies, experiences, initiatives and projects from different countries are shared, revolving around a topic which is general, current and open.