Counselor Training


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ideals of solidarity, leadership & service

Camp Bluebonnet is a serious undertaking that can have a powerful, positive impact on both campers and staff. 

Camp Bluebonnet provides nourishment for the body, the mind and the soul. The spiritual care of these activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei seeks to spread the message that all are called to seek holiness in their everyday lives.

Counselors are selected from among the high school students who regularly participate in Sheridan activities.



The role of the CAMP BLUEBONNET COUNSELOR, GOFER & TEACHER ASSISTANT is to do the following in an exemplary manner:

  • Take personal responsibility for the physical and moral safety of the campers, specifically those in one’s cabin.
  • Shepherd the campers through the day, ensuring that the girls are where they belong at the proper times, thus enabling the camp to run smoothly.
  • Provide a model for the campers of a woman with the virtues that Camp Bluebonnet seeks to help campers develop. Specifically, provide a model of a woman who is:
    • Generous, self-sacrificing, others-oriented
    • Cheerful
    • Hardworking
    • Obedient
    • Orderly
    • Prayerful
    • Apostolic
    • Struggling to grow in virtue and love of God
  • Lead the campers by word both as a group and individually to see and desire the good as it presents itself in the ordinary events of the day during camp.
  • Lead the campers individually by word to form concrete, practical resolutions to grow in virtue.
  • Contribute to building an atmosphere of cheerful, hardworking service and desire to grow in love of God among the staff at Camp Bluebonnet
  • Give the campers inspiring, practical, age-appropriate talks on virtues, such as sincerity, humility and the spirit of sacrifice. (Counselors only)
  • Give short catechism classes and answer questions about the Faith, morality and the spiritual life. (Counselors only)
  • Set up, run and clean up all Camp Bluebonnet activities all week in a timely manner. (TA & Gofers)

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