Past Workshops for Women

Sheridan offers every woman the opportunity to expand her knowledge, expertise and appreciation for her family and home.  Whether married or single, working outside the home or at home, taking care of the family and a home is a beautiful profession and the greatest service one can provide to society and the building up of civilization.


forming young women of character, vision & faith

This yearly workshop introduces mothers to the vision and programs Sheridan offers for young women.  

Parents are the primary educators of their children, and parents want their daughters to have the best possible springboard into a happy and fulfilling life.  

Come hear how Sheridan Study Center can support you in your aim.

Women, work & caregiving

Join us for our yearly workshop exploring the balance of work and family. Our three panelists are professional women who will share their unique perspective and wisdom acquired through years of experience. While maintaining careers, they have navigated the challenges of caring for family at home, caring for children with special needs, and caring for elderly parents. You will come away inspired and ready for this great undertaking, that of using head, hands and heart to care for loved ones. 

The three panelists will address the following: 

"Balancing Work & Family: How to Gain Confidence as a Professional and a Mother" 
"Balancing Work & Family: Caring for a Special Needs Child” 
"Balancing Work & Family: Caring for our Elderly Parents” 

The person & the home

Family life can have an enormous multiplying effect for the good of all society.  For it  to happen, Christian parents must be fully aware of their calling to be apostles in and from their own homes, a mission that has special importance for both Church and civil society. (Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, first successor of St. Josemaria)

Every fall Sheridan sponsors a weekend workshop for women to address topics related to the family and society.